Delayed Shipments

Punxsutawney Phil officially predicted another six weeks of winter! One of the biggest challenges that you are going to face is managing the impact of these weather conditions on your shipments. Whether it is a snowstorm, a hurricane, or a heatwave, it can greatly affect the delivery timeline and costs of your shipment. To mitigate the impact of weather on your shipments, you need a team to stay up-to-date on weather predictions and forecasts.

Planning Ahead

One of the most important steps that we take is to plan ahead. By staying ahead of the weather, we can reroute your shipments and adjust delivery schedules to minimize the impact of weather conditions on your deliveries.

For example, suppose we know that a major storm is expected to hit a particular region. In that case, we opt to move the shipment to a different route or to an earlier delivery date to avoid the storm’s impact.

Real-Time Communication

Another important factor about our company is communication. We work closely with their carriers, shippers, and customers to ensure that everyone is aware of the latest weather updates and how it will affect the shipment. Our Track and Trace team uses real-time communication channels to keep you informed and updated minute by minute.

No More Paperwork

We are equipped to handle the logistics of shipping and ensure that the proper documentation is in place, such as weather-related certificates of insurance. We take the burden of the administrative tasks associated with shipping off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Competitive Negotiation

Another advantage of using a freight broker is our ability to negotiate with carriers and secure the best rates. We have almost a century of combined knowledge and experience to negotiate rates with carriers, even during peak shipping periods when prices can skyrocket due to increased demand. By using us, you can secure the best rates while also ensuring that your goods are transported safely and efficiently.

Inclement weather can pose a significant challenge to the transportation industry, but we play a crucial role in ensuring on-time delivery. By monitoring weather conditions, planning ahead, communicating with carriers and shippers, and using technology, we can minimize the impact of inclement weather and keep your supply chain running smoothly. Contact us today so we can help deliver your success!