Freight Agent

Not all brokerages are created equal! Did you know that your book of business could be worth more to you at a better brokerage? By partnering with us, you will have a customized program to maximize your profits for your business and future growth.

Do you have a book of business but feel like you're ready for more?

You're in luck. We've got the perfect opportunity for you!

Armstrong Transport KC is a family-driven company dedicated to supporting your best work and helping our customers get what they need. We believe in investing in people, so we're offering an exciting opportunity for new agents to join us as we expand our reach into new markets.

If you love working with clients—and if you want to be part of a team where your talent and energy are valued—then this is the place for you!


why become a successful agent with us?


Time Is Money

Get paid weekly by direct deposit based on invoice date. No waiting for your customer to pay before you receive commission.


Every agent and agency is different. We review with you, your book of business and what type of support you need from us to set up the best commission structure for you, not us!

Dedicated Support

  • Over a century of experience in our office to help with your needs or customer needs
  • Full Marketing Support
  • 97% operations coverage rate
  • Agent Support Team

Proprietary Software

ATG’s proprietary web-based software can be customized for your business and customers. We have a web based TMS system, EDI integration, load tracking and posting with DAT and ITS.

All Modes Of Freight

You will have access to sell all modes of freight. We have partnerships to serve all of your customers needs!

The Process

Grab a call with CJ to plan your future!